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“Why are the American people forced, through tax exemptions, to spend billions of dollars subsidizing what is probably this nation’s largest source of moral pollution, the Catholic Church?  I know that our gutless leaders don’t have what it takes to do the right thing, but it should be a source of endless outrage to every decent person that this organization is allowed to pose as a force for good in the world.”

Green Eagle

Why indeed!

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  1. Gregorio Says:


  2. santaslittlehelper Says:

    Why are Americans funding the Catholic church?

    Because, for one reason, most Americans are pretty damn financially illiterate.

    Tax exemptions for an org = money out of taxpayers’ pockets does not compute.

    Tax exemptions for an org = taxpayers funding the org does not compute.

  3. Continuum Says:

    Another day, another email . . . to another Cardinal and another Bishop. Somehow these religious fools managed to conveniently by-pass the whole George Bush unjust Iraqi war thingie as well as the torture chambers of the CIA, and our national dungeon at Guantanamo. I haven’t even mentioned their RICO part in protecting pedophile priests. “Jesus Wept” would aptly describe a sane man’s reaction to the Bishop’s words.

  4. Armand Says:

    THE church is one of the biggest tax free biusness in the world.We pay to hide there sick and perverted employees.this bullshit has to stop.Oh and i am in Quebec so it is worse here for hiding the pedophiles.

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