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  1. Nic Says:

    And yet there are a vast amount of damaged people out there who will vote for this asshole, against their own interests.

  2. Continuum Says:

    It’s a start . . . (mild in comparison to some of the crap that I’ve seen the Republicans use around here in Memphis). . . but, what about the Senate and House . . . shouldn’t the Dems, and Obama, use that billion dollar war chest to hit the Republicans hard in the individual states instead of just concentrating on the Presidency.

    The time to win over the voters is now . . . . remind them and imprint in their minds, just what a bunch of liars, hypocrites, and losers the Republicans are . . . attack them on their broken promises, lies, and corporate give-aways . . . point out the destruction of equal rights that the Robert’s Supreme Court has done . . . .

    There’s a lot of ammunition out there for the Dems to use . . . let’s hope that they use it . . . effectively . . . . throw some of that same mud back at those low-life lying pigs.

  3. CJ Says:

    I really don’t understand how the majority of Americans; regardless of colour, race or religion, who vote Republican can do so without seeing the irony. It just baffles me. I get that you can be a Democrat socially and economically conservative, but really that’s just a game of semantics. Conservative with a small ‘c’ is not the same as being pro-Republican economics and yet the two have seemingly become interchangeable.

    There will be those that don’t vote for Obama because of his colour; which is ignorance,.There’ll be those who think he’s too liberal, which is small-minded. And then there are the self-interested; they’re the worst. These are the people who rile up the common man with smoke and mirrors, then climb up ever higher by treading on their futures.

    I like this ad. It’s based purely on fact and yet sadly, as Nic mentioned, people will vote against their own interests because they’re blinded by their own ignorance.

  4. e.c. Says:

    My favorites are the “Mitt’s Reality” spots that highlight his many bold-faced lies against the Presidents actual statements. The man is used-car salesman/late-night TV huckster as candidate. It scares me how many people will vote for him just because of their irrational hatred of Obama.

  5. Gregorio Says:

    I absolutely DREAD the next 7 months in this country. We aren’t going to be able to escape the insanity. Even worse, the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on this election SHOULD be spent on helping the homeless, the unemployed, the hungry, those wanting an education and can’t afford it, those who need medical care, etc.

    Scott I thought I would share my experience today at a job interview. I met the HR manager at a major department store. I get there only to find out the job I applied for last week was already filled this week, of course by an internal, but she wanted to still talk with me (props to her for at least making the extra effort!) So I asked some general questions; this store location sales for the first 2 months of their new fiscal year are up by ONE MILLION DOLLARS over last year, many locations in the company are projected to have 8%-10% growth this year, this store location just came off a record year in 2011, etc. Hearing these huge numbers I had to ask, why aren’t you more aggressively hiring? The answer I got was they are hiring but it is all internal promotions and moving people around OR they are recruiting employees from competitors (all ready working)….their external hires are minimal to none except during the holiday season for part-time positions.

    I don’t know what more to say really about the unemployment crisis, the facts are what they are when it comes to blatant discrimination by employers against hiring anyone not currently working. Unemployed people WANT TO WORK, sadly we see yet one more aspect of the business world that is working against people and not for the betterment of our society.

  6. Manny Says:

    Applying Gregorio’s point of businesses hiring only people who already have jobs, what does that forebode for Romney, Santorum, Gingrich and Huntsman. Lucky for Paul, Perry, and Cain have day jobs.

  7. lookyloo Says:

    I’d like for Obama to also run against ‘republicans’ – Meaning, don’t just remind people of the shit Romney says, put out clips of all the weird ass shit said by every high ranking or famous republican.

    Remind voters that these are Romney’s people.

  8. Michael Says:

    This election is feeling more and more like 2004- a failure of an incumbent and an inept challenger.

    Can’t we as a nation do better than these two?

  9. santaslittlehelper Says:

    @ Continuum and lookyloo: that’s a brilliant idea that Obama should expand his scope and run against not only Romney.

    The Repubs are much better than the Dems at working as a Borg-like network of marauders, butchering the society and politics piece by piece over here, over there. Obama should attach Romney to the network of Repub saboteurs (and each of them to one another) to make sure the stink is on all of them, so the Dems have a fighting chance to win more House and Senate seats.

    Another point: now I know why Romney said that he is “severely Republican”. Translation: he’s par excellence, wearer-of-the-crown, a pro-corporate/anti-people liar who, with the backing of his Borg drones, will turn the US into 1970s South America.

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