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26?!?!? — HOLY SHIT!

Someone’s been working their little tushes off over at Hot House Entertainment this year since the annual Grabby Awards nominations were just announced and HH managed to score an amazing twenty six of them.

Equally amazing was the big budget Palm Springs fuck fest Trunks 6 that grabbed {pun intended} six nominations for that movie alone.

They are: Best Movie, Best Director {Steven Scarborough}, Best Videography {Christian Owen & Brad Austin}, Best All-Sex, Best Duo, and Best Cum Scene {Kyle King & Matt Cole.}

Congrats boys!

3 Responses to “26?!?!? — HOLY SHIT!”

  1. Damien Oz Says:

    If the scene involves Mr King taking a load on the face lll buy fifty copies

  2. Frank Says:

    Steven and Little Rock are working “hard” on Trunks 7 as we speak, I believe.

  3. Scott Says:

    Indeed they are Frank. In fact, I believe shooting in Palm Springs just wrapped this weekend.

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