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Glenn Greenwald has a brave and absolutely brutal take down of Willard Romney’s national campaign’s finance co-chair Frank Vandersloot.

This guy is a disgusting, thugish turd who just hates him so homos.

In fact, he hates homos so much so that in spite of the fact that he lives in Idaho he helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to get California’s anti-gay Prop 8 passed into law, thus stripping gays and lesbians of civil rights that they once had in a state that this fucking shithead doesn’t even live near.

Vandersloot is a billionaire who uses his money to threaten and intimidate people with frivolous lawsuits in order to force newspapers and bloggers to not write about him.

And it is his bigoted, deeply un-American tactics — tactics torn straight from the pages of the Brown Shirt field manual — that have made many an honorable persons life a living hell — all because they dared to write the truth about this abjectly disgusting person.

Here’s Glenn Greenwald:

“In response to this six-part exposé — which won the Scripps Howard Award for Distinguished Service to the First Amendment – VanderSloot went on a virtual jihad against the newspaper and the principal reporter who exposed the scandal, Peter Zuckerman. VanderSloot bought numerous full-page newspaper ads in The Post Register that attacked the story and explicitly identified the reporter, Zuckerman, as “a homosexual” (Zuckerman had previously written for a small Florida paper about being gay when he lived in that state, but had kept his sexual orientation largely a secret since he moved to rural Idaho). Vandersloot’s full-page ad expressly described the “speculation” that Zuckerman’s homosexuality had made him hostile to the Scouts and LDS: “the Boy Scout’s position of not letting gay men be Scout Leaders, and the LDS Church’s position that marriage should be between a man and a woman may have caused Zuckerman to attack the scouts and the LDS Church through his journalism.” While the ad absurdly sought to repudiate the very “speculation” about Zuckerman which it had just amplified (“We think it would be very unfair for anyone to conclude that is what is behind Zuckerman’s motives”), the predictable damage was done. Zuckerman’s editor, Dean Miller, explained: “Our reporter, Peter Zuckerman, was not ‘out’ to anyone but family, a few colleagues at the paper (including me), and his close friends”; but after VanderSloot outed him to his community in that ad, “strangers started ringing Peter’s doorbell at midnight. His partner of five years was fired from his job.”

As I said — Mormon scum.

I’d urge all of you to head on over to Glennzilla’s blog and find out just what kind of people support Mitt Romney and who the Mittster will be owing in a major way should he ever get elected president.

This blog may not make it on Vandersloot’s radar — although many smaller blogs have and suffered because of it — but I’ll repeat what Glenn Greenwald said in his piece in Salon: if Frank Vandersloot and his lawyers wants to come for me for speaking the truth about what a disgusting cretinous scumbag he is then I say bring it motherfucker!

Because I’m willing to bet dollars to fucking donuts that this creep isn’t willing to go through the discovery process, and all of the dirt it would dredge up, that suing me would result in.

I may not have a billion dollars like this shithead, but I do have fairly deep pockets, a fucking awesome attorney whom I refer to as “Jaws” and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to hide — because its all already out there on these pages for everyone in the world to read about.

I’m wondering what Mr. Vandersloot has to hide and if he does have shit to hide does he want that shit paraded about in open court for the world to see.

And I would urge any and every blogger who reads this to link to Glenn Greenwald’s post in Salon so that the widest possible audience finds out about this piece of shit Romney supporter named Frank Vandersloot.


  1. calcarl Says:

    Oh, look. A guy with a Dutch name using millions raked in from from an MLM scheme to buy politicians hoping to insure that my morality conforms to his by law. We in Michigan are shocked – shocked I tell you! – that such a thing could ever happen.

  2. Bob Says:

    Scott, when you went on your road trip, I was tempted to ask you not to spend money in Idaho, as it is full of the backwoods mormons. Thanks for the article, of which I read as much as I could take.
    Earlier, I was, in effect, pounding sand, by discussing online with a 7th generation morhole, their infamous running of Prop 8 and NOM, while spending more money on politics and PR than on charity. It seems that, because the Federal Government sent in troops, and occupied their temples, to stop the polygamy, and imprisoned leaders.
    This was in 1890 — but the thought is that the Federal Government will again force mormons to accept whatever kind of marriage it likes.
    You CANNOT understand the mormon menace without understanding that the church, dreamed up by the charlatan wife-stealer Smith (not your relative) is based on a prosperity scheme, based the promise of sainthood, and held together by a HUGE PERSECUTION COMPLEX.
    They justify anything that serves their goals, and your opinions and beliefs have no import, or are schemes to destroy their religion.
    “Religious Freedom” means they are free, and you are shit.
    I used to think they were just nice folks who don’t drink coffee, and knock on doors too much

  3. David Says:

    It’s been a while since I read something that really, really surprised me. It’s clear why mainstream media stays away from him because he gets his panties all in a bind when someone calls him on his hatred, downright HATRED of us homo’s.

    Money may not be the root of all evil, but when mixed with politics, religion and bigotry, it becomes a repulsive cocktail. Plus, since it seems he got rich off one pyramid scheme after another, his human value is suspect. Vandersloot does not care if his words are offensive to anyone. His money, his car chasing lawyers who would drink his vomit just to get a piece of his money, will exploit any loop whole in our judicial system to make sure his values are the only ones American’s should be following. Fuck the Constitution is his motto, apparently.

    But mainstream American’s will ignore him, the way they ignore a cancerous legion until its too late, then they’ll blame someone else for their inaction. It’s the homo’s fault, probably.

  4. Rob in LA Says:

    I’ve known quite a few Mormons over years — both personally and professionally. What Vandersloot did is not shocking. Mormons are all about protecting other Mormons and they can be compared to the Mafia (minus the bad hair) in their threatening tactics and controlling businesses. I would never vote for any Mormon into public office, they only care about other Mormons and they will always answer to their church leaders.

  5. Greg Says:

    He can’t sue everybody, so maybe everybody should post a blog about the dude. Keep him pretty busy, I reckon.

  6. carter Says:

    Was in basic training with a batallion of nearly all Mormons, and I learned first hand that Mormonism is all they are about. Scientologists on bicycles!

  7. Just Stopping By Says:

    Unbelievable. And he thinks he’s being persecuted by those nasty bloggers and journalists. It makes me want to set up a dozen blogs specifically to showcase his bullying bullshit.

    And how can you freaking copyright a letter that you’ve already sent to someone else? I mean, I get that writing is an act of creation, and you own the copyright of your words, so I couldn’t copy a letter you send me and send it out to other people.

    But once you send a letter to somebody, it belongs to them. They can use it paper their walls, if they want. And they can post it on their website.

    Damn it, my mother uses Melaleuca stuff.

  8. Mike Says:

    Ooh… this could be good. Billionaire Mormon sues billionaire (apparently) gay Marine blogger.

  9. paul Says:

    I don’t have a lot of experience w/ Mormons. They are nice enough to chat with when they knock on the front door. And mostly cute, too. Oh, how to get rid of them forever? Answer the door in your underwear… Jockey Elance work well. Or a Speedo. If that doesn’t work, wear the same while wet from the swimming pool and half hard. Offer a beer, too. :)

    I find the Watchtower folks much more interesting and more honest. Though not hot ‘n’ hunky.

    One of my sisters is into AA. And now she’s a Mormon. Dunno why exactly, it seems to be an AA thing about finding a flavor of Jesus to take the blame for your fuck ups. Oh, wait, that’s like going to church. I don’t really give a shit about the religion stuff, if you’re happy, fine. Now STFU and quit trying to rub my nose in your problems. I’m not a puppy that shit on the carpet and you are not going to housebreak me. She’s been twisted. Some of the crap she says makes me wonder if being possessed is really possible.

  10. wehotom Says:

    Where is 60 Minutes when you need them?

  11. santaslittlehelper Says:

    I thought Mormonism followed Christian principles. If so, why can’t Vandersloot turn the other cheek to Zuckerman?

    BTW as Floridians know, melaleuca (aka “punk trees”, if you like your MLM facts served with a side of irony) is a non-native invasive species that crowds out other plants. It is a state-listed noxious weed that has caused problems in the Everglades.

  12. Just Stopping By Says:

    If anyone’s wanting to learn a little more about Mormonism without having to talk to any Mormons, I recommend Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith by John Krakauer. It goes through the founding of Mormonism as a backdrop against some pretty violent modern crime (committed in the name of God, by Mormons).

  13. John Says:

    Check the name out on Google and see what you get; zero except for some very choice favorable material.

  14. Frank_Lingo Says:

    @ John… yeah, I wonder if this asswipe is related to Joran Vandersloot, murderer and likely rapist?

  15. Obadiah Says:

    Glenn’s article is now gone, unless I’m adept in m my retardation.

  16. Scott Says:

    Obadiah, Salon apparently changed their formatting so the link I had was busted. Here’s the new one:


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