Hey little sister who's your Superman?


When I was a platoon sergeant and we were living in open squad bays on Okinawa there was a young Marine who used to crawl into my rack while I was reading a novel during our off-time and he would fall asleep with his arm around me — much like this.

This was the same kid who used to absolutely adore climbing onto my back as I lay on my stomach reading and, as he straddled my butt {with his flawless, infantryman’s thighs}, would go to work popping pimples and blackheads on my back caused by carrying a pack in filthy tropical conditions.

He would do this for what seemed hours at a time — completely engrossed in his task and oblivious to everything going on around him.

Also, too, the same 19 year old kid who would sit on the edge of my rack talking to me while idly wetting a finger in his mouth from time to time and then absentmindedly drawing slow circles with the wet finger, first around one nipple and then around the other on my bare chest.

He did this because he said he liked to watch my nipple get hard.

Incredibly — and I know this will be hard to believe — but I never once jumped this adorable little pup of a Marine.

Thought about it all the time — but never did it for some reason.

I think it was because he was just too innocent.

Although his behavior would seem to indicate anything but innocent intentions, huh?

And OMG!  Don’t even be an outsider and think about fucking with this kid because every single jarhead in my platoon absolutely adored him.

I once saw this dipshit Marine from another platoon make the mistake of trying to slap our boy in the face while we were all down at a drunken beach BBQ at Orawan Beach on Okinawa.

There were a half dozen Marines from my platoon who jumped into action upon seeing the attempted assault and were literally tearing the slapper apart in a matter of seconds.


  1. Richard Hunter Says:

    Sounds like Real ‘Brotherhood’ to me.

  2. Greg Says:

    So cute. I knew a guy like that once. Just adorable!

  3. Manny Says:

    Sounds like Billy Budd still exists

  4. lookyloo Says:

    I don’t doubt there might be gayness involved sometimes but…

    I can completely understand this. Even the most heterosexual guy needs non-sexual bodily comfort. I compare it to my dog and I ‘spooning’ in bed or a parent and young child sleeping in an embrace of some sort.

    And, if a guy enjoys seeing nipples get hard (perhaps that’s his ‘thing’ with girls back home) and he’s into it enough and another guy’s comfortable enough (or gay enough), he’s glad to find the-next-best-thing.

    That said, I’d like to point out, in the pic, the little guy’s right hand

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