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“I have to say that killing women with breast cancer before they might consider abortion sometime in their lives is one way to eliminate a woman’s right to choose.”

TBogg in a post about the fact that the Susan G. Komen Foundation — the foundation that sponsors The Race for the Cure that pretty much everyone and their mother has, at one time or another, been hit up for a donation, usually by a co-worker — has cut off funding for breast exams to Planned Parenthood because the Komen Foundation senior executives are virulent anti-choicers and want to punish women for having unapproved sexy time.

My mother died of breast cancer in 1987 at the age of 48 and every time I’ve been approached to sponsor someone participating in The Race for the Cure I’ve done so, gladly.

Never again.

Instead I’ve just donated money to Planned Parenthood and I’d urge you to do the same.

You can do so by clicking this link.

And if you do, be sure to give the donation as an Honorary Giving gift in the name of Karen Handel so that she receives a nice card from Planned Parenthood thanking her for the gift made in her name.

Because she’s the fuckwit at Komen who decided it was better to let women die of breast cancer than risk giving them the ability to have control over their own bodies.

Here’s her info:

Karen Handel
Senior VP of Fail
c/o Susan G. Komen Foundation
P.O. Box 650309
Dallas, TX 75265-0309

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  1. mitch Says:

    I wonder if Komem Foundation donors agree with the political collaboration with the GOP at the expense of women’s rights? Or if Ms. Handel just felt like selling out her donors’ concerns without asking them…

  2. Chuck Says:

    Of course another way to express make an opinion known is to check the corporate partners of the Susan G. Komen foundation and let them know that you won’t be using them. They are all listed on the SGK website.

  3. Drew Says:

    Done & done Scott. Thankfully my mother has never had to deal with this disease, but she has lost several friends to it, one of whom was like a very close aunt to me. We have participated in this race several times, never again.

  4. Drew Says:

    Scott, can I also say that I am so thankful you are here. I don’t comment often but I read daily. Thanks for what you do, I know you’re going through a lot, if I’d lost a beloved pet I’d probably still be a useless puddle on the floor. <3

  5. Rye Says:

    If you give the donation as an Honorary Giving gift in the name of Karen Handel, would she not be able to use that as a tax deduction? I don’t know how it works in the States but here in Canada if I were to give a donation and say it is a gift donation in the name of Karen Handel, regardless of whose name was on the cheque or whose credit card was used, a tax receipt would be sent to Karen Handel.

    If that is not the case here, as the term Honorary Giving Gift is new to me, then it is a brilliant way to get even with the bitch….and you should be sure to send this idea around so not just members of your blog can see it.

  6. Old Salt Says:

    My oldest sister died from breast cancer. I have previously bought products that gave money to Susan G. Komen Foundation and donated money to them. NO MORE. Planned Parenthood is something I have always supported and they will get more now.

    The main reason that Komen is doing this is because they got a right wing nut Repuke pro lifer as their head honcho regardless of what other reasons they give.

  7. Gregorio Says:

    Several years back when I was working on a leather event in Cleveland one of our donations was for the Komen Foundation. Do you know they would not accept the donation because the money came from a leather/fetish organization?

    I seriously do not know what this world is coming to anymore. It sure feels like it is every man, woman and child for themselves…can’t survive on your own then too bad. That is not the kind of world I believe in.

  8. Carl Says:

    I have been turned off by the Susan G Komen (SGK) franchise since they started puking pink all over almost every product known to man. I can understand wearing a red ribbon, but pink curbside trash cans? REALLY.
    I also had to go up against them for fundraising. Our local AIDS walk had always been on the same weekend in September and then they decided to put their Race for a Cure (TM) on the same weekend. Many of our fundraisers had to choose between the two and our organization did not had the deep pockets for advertising that SGK did. I also dislike them for trade marking “Race for a Cure” and suing anybody who tried to use it.
    My mother has breast cancer, so I personally know the effects of breast cancer on a loved one. Planned Parenthood will get my money anytime for breast cancer awareness and testing, for reproductive rights (contraception) including abortion and for low cost treatment of STD’s.
    Thanks for your post Scott, hope I did not pass the four inch rule.

  9. Gil Says:

    Have donated to PP before but not in a while – this donation is in honor of Karen Handel but really in your name, Scott. Thanks for the push.

  10. Todd Says:

    I’ve been donating to PP ever since that Personhood crap gained notoriety. Komen seriously shot itself in the foot

  11. Bob Says:

    Susan G. Komen Top Officials Resign As Backlash Gains Steam

    Backlash is in play — hoping the Dallas Fetus Mafia falls soon

  12. Ben Says:

    done and i feel good about it.

  13. Just Stopping By Says:

    I started getting disgusted by SGK when they started suing other cancer-fighting fund-raisers for using anything pink, or for using the phrase “for the cure”. In what possible way does using donated funds to sue other people doing the same thing you ostensibly are (i.e. fighting cancer) do anything to help, um, cure cancer? Everything I hear or read about this organization makes me less and less inclined to support them.

    “I don’t comment often but I read daily. Thanks for what you do,”

    Ditto. I love this blog, and miss it dreadfully when I’m internet-less. Being awash in straight, cis, middle-class white privilege, I’ve been fairly oblivious of a great deal of what goes on in the world. You’ve opened my eyes and made me think about things I never even saw before. Thank you for that.

  14. Chaz Says:

    If you don’t know this you can also tell any charity that you want your donation to go to ____ service that they provide. So you can tell PP that you want the money to go for breast cancer screenings, or you can do what I’m doing tomorrow and donating money in Ms. Handel’s name that is earmarked for providing abortion services.

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