Hey little sister who's your Superman?


Notice how I said “stoopid-ER” and not “stoopid”?

Because lets face it — if you’re even thinking about watching Fox news then you’re starting out as someone who is clearly intellectually challenged and probably a dimwit of the very first order.

Anyway, here’s a recent infographic helpfully provided by Fox to show it’s mouth breathing, lackwitted viewers just how deeply bad/awful/terrible Obama has been with regard to unemployment.

WOW!  That looks pretty bad to me.

That dang line has been straight for months.  So that must mean the Kenyan/Muslim/Soshulist usurper must not be doing squat about all the unemployed folks in Amurca.

Wait, what?

Notice how Novermber’s 8.6 data point is the same as October’s 9.0?

But as if that weren’t bad enough, notice how that same 8.6 data point in November is actually higher on the line than February’s 8.9 and March’s 8.8?

This is what the graph should look like:

Fox News — We make Americans dumber.


  1. Sue Says:

    When you are right Scott, you are right! They cannot even fucking graph data! During my Thanksgiving holidays I visited my conservative “mensa” brother-in-law in Ohio who gets his news solely from FOX. He is also a Penn State alum. He fiercely defends Joe Pat, because he was never informed that his buddy Joe, that’s right, Joe is his “buddy”, knew about the rape of little boys. When I informed him that McQueary told Paterno that a boy was raped, my bro-in-law was unaware of it entirely! I said that it was all over the internet and the papers, but he has no access to these! Because he is stoopid and watches Fox news!

  2. btom89 Says:

    The graph looks like it was photoshopped—when you work up a graph in a program, it will attach the numbers to data points if the program has that feature built in—-for the 8.6 data point, it looks like the graph was inputted with the same value as the last data point (9.0) and then someone copied 8 and 9, then turned the 9 upside down if they didn’t already get 6 somewhere else then pasted it in place. Don’t you think that last percentage looks a bit brighter compared to the other percentages? Or was it highlighted to make it stand out so people could see the glaring error better? But seriously, that’s some editorial malfeasance on the part of Fox News. Seriously.

  3. Todd Says:

    No surprises. Recent polls note that fox viewers are more ignorant than those who don’t watch any news at all. Read that in the WaPo

  4. Jay Says:

    Fox wants to portray Obama’s poor performance, so they label their chart “Unemployment Rate Under President Obama.” Yet the President’s term began in 2009, so Fox’s title is also erroneous. I checked BLS employment data for the President’s term at http://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/empsit.pdf and see a professionally-prepared chart showing a steadily declining rate of unemployment for most of the term. Fox has no standards, but all is fair in politics.

  5. LA Richard Says:

    I have deleted FOX News from my cable box, because I don’t even want to stumble upon them accidentally. I know, that is an ostrich mentality, but I follow all other new channels, and know my way around the Internet, so I’m not without knowledge. Besides, just looking at FOX all I see are weird and scary looking faces that I don’t want to see. Sometimes when I was lying in bed they looked positively alien to me, and then – half asleep – I thought I was watching the SyFy channel, and that it was fiction. But hell no, these people are for real! And that’s scarier than any movie on SyFy!

  6. Scott Says:

    LA Richard — I can relate. I’ve Murdoch Blocked all Murdoch owned publications and sites from my computer. Its amazing the stuff they own because I run up against a Murdoch Blocked site at least twice a day since I signed up for it.

  7. Gregorio Says:

    And here is the kind of American who watches FOX News and their response to the unemployment crisis:

    “If someone needs 99 weeks of unemployment they are either too lazy or to get a job or have an inflated sense of worth.” -Cleveland Plain Dealer commenter

    Doesn’t that sound exactly like FOX propoganda?!

  8. Trevor Says:

    My sister watches Fox News and she makes over 200k/year as a “professional” for IBM.
    I should graph her IQ against her yearly salary and show her how disparate the two are.

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