Hey little sister who's your Superman?


In celebration of this year’s MAL and in the hopes that all the leather boys in attendance came equipped with properly fitted costumes.

Because there’s nothing worse than loose, ill-fitting, low-quality gear.

via Male Pouch

8 Responses to “THE PERFECT FIT”

  1. Mike in LA Says:

    How exactly does one go about acquiring an ass like that? If you don’t have the genetics, I mean? Just how many butt-blaster sets must I do at the gym before a bubble appears in the seat of my pants??

  2. rimme Says:

    it is all about the extreme close ups of the codpiece. fucking HOT! you posted a few other pics like that and i ALWAYS really look forward to them

  3. Teddypig Says:

    Bet ya he did not get those at Wilsons. Let me say that that is someone who should ONLY wear chaps.

  4. wisottertail Says:

    Thanks for the pic, Scott, and the reminder to all about eschewing “loose, ill-fitting, low-quality gear.” TIGHT leather chaps are what you want in order to lift those ass cheeks high. You may not have the genetics for a bubble, but the right tight chaps can go a long way to making the most of what you’ve got. i’m amazed at the men who spend hours at the gym to build their quads, and then they hide them in loose leather. Tight, thick leather adds to your leg dimensions — it’s a no-brainer! As long as we’re on the topic of leather, please let me share a pet peeve. MEN, learn how to wear a harness! Harnesses that are worn with a droop nearly to the waist are not pleasing. Harness straps should nestle nicely under the pecs!

  5. toms Says:

    So round, so firm, so fully packed

  6. Gregorio Says:

    Well sadly at MAL there were some guys who still don’t know TIGHT is best when it comes to fetish gear. Of course I was told I need a pair of chaps to show off my fabulous ass, guess I better consider it!

  7. Aristophanes Jones Says:

    Looks like a real life Joe T. drawing.

  8. Chad Says:

    While I”m a big leather fan, I’ve fallen in love with Nasty Pig Products. Thier rubber fits so nicely and tight. And David seems to be a sweet pig of a man.

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