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I’m not sure how many of you have been following the insane act of cannibalization that just occurred among republicans in the House special election in Upstate New York but it has been fucking AWESOME to behold!

Awesome but also truly frightening in its potential consequences for the nation.

In a reliably conservative region of the country, hard upon the border of that bastion of frozen tundra populated by commie, beer drinking wimps and the fucking French known as Canadialand, sits the congressional district known in the vernacular as NY-23.

Tomorrow they’re having a special election to fill the seat vacated by former republican congresscritter John McHugh who stepped down not for the usual reasons that most republicans resign from office — criminal malfeasance or underage boy fucking — but to accept the position of Secretary of the Army in the Obama administration.

Anyway, the GOP party machine nominated a center right candidate named Dede Scozzafava who pretty much fit the profile of the regular guy voters from her district.  Except that she was a supporter of gay marriage and was and is pro-choice.

In today’s republican party, a party ruled by Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin those two “flaws” {the gay flaw and murdering babies flaw} were fatal enough to get Scozzafava a third party challenge from a barking fucking mad teabagging wingnut who doesn’t even reside in the district.

And then every single lunatic on the GOP right, from Mark “I Was Walking the Appalachian Trail” Sanford to Glenn Beck to El Rushbo to Hannity to Texas Governor Rick “I Execute Innocent People All the Time So Why Are You All So Upset” Perry all jumped on the bandwagon to endorse Scozzafava’s conservative opponent.  This in spite of the fact that the NRSCC endorsed her as its candidate.

Think about that: these party leaders of the GOP — some of whom have presidential ambitions — actually supported a candidate running AGAINST the republican party nominee because that nominee wasn’t shithouse rat crazy enough for them.

Long story short — Scozzafava dropped out of the race on Saturday and instead of endorsing the lunatic teabagger she endorsed the Democrat!

Anyway, this all got me thinking — again! — about what a national embarrassment the republican party has become.  And the problem is that the people leading it are just too stone cold stooopid to see it for themselves and to see what they’re doing to it and, ultimately, to all of us.

There was a time, not all that long ago, when there were some truly amazing moderate republicans.  Men like New York Congressman and later Mayor, John V. Lindsay or New York’s Governor Nelson Rockefeller, or Minnesota congressman Jim Ramstad who basically got run out of the party and out of his congressional seat because he was considered a RINO, or Missouri Senator John Danforth who once complained in an op/ed in the New York Times that, “Republicans have transformed our party into the political arm of conservative Christians.” And those words were written not just by a republican senator but by a man who is also an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church!

Governor Thomas E. Dewey, republican of New York, once said of the GOP, “It is our solemn responsibility to show that government can have both a head and a heart; that it can be both progressive and solvent; and that it can serve the people without becoming their master.”

And moderates in the progressive wing of the republican party have put forward these proposed principles as their founding and most important guiding orthodoxy,

A passion for civil liberties;

A disdain for conformity and suspicion of authority;

A belief that the Constitution is a living, breathing document with timeless values that must be made relevant in a modern age;

A commitment to protect the environment and not engage in mindless exploitation of the nation’s natural beauty. A spirited case must be made for reusable energy sources like solar power. Modern technology provides many options before the earth is harshly, brutally, and needlessly pillaged.

A strong belief that diversity — gender, racial, social, sexual, ethnic, and religious — should be celebrated because it gives the United States moral strength. Diversity — in the long-term, encourages respect, understanding, and a greater sense of community;

A commitment to fiscal prudence and limited government;

A recognition that government does have a basic social responsibility to help those in need;

A belief that the nation does have international responsibilities;

A belief that God and religion have a very important place in America — at the dinner table and in churches, temples, and mosques. But it should never be used by politicians to advance a narrow moral agenda;

A belief that the national government should be used in a limited manner to advance the common good;

A commitment never to put party above country; and

A  responsibility to publicly criticize those who call themselves Republican when the situation merits. Moderate/Progressives have a duty to vote against the party line when it doesn’t serve the greater good. Doing so doesn’t make them less Republican; it demonstrates that they have the honor, political courage, and intellectual honesty to put nation above party.

Do you see anything that you could not support and agree with on that list?  I can’t and I’m a Liberal Democrat fer fucks sake!

Now, do you see anything on that long list of admirable and worthwhile principles that today’s republican party has not torn up and wiped their collective asses with?

I mean what the fuck happened to these people?

And the answer to that question worries me deeply because although in the short term the immolation of the republican party is good for the Democrats — and as a partisan Democrat I like that — in the long run the GOP flushing itself down the crapper is a potential catastrophe for the nation, and as a patriot I place nation ahead of party every day of the week.

And what we’ve witnessed this week in NY-23 signals really, really bad stuff down the road for the republican party and ultimately, I fear, for America as well.

That’s all.

15 Responses to “NEW YORK TWENTY THREE”

  1. PDQ Says:

    I don’t recognize that Republican platform language? How far back does that date? The Gerald Ford / Nelson Rockefeller years?

  2. Larry Says:

    I agree totally with you on this. But a question, don’t you have to reside in the district you run in for at least a year before you run for office of Congress. How would one know what that particular district interest and concerns are.

  3. RG Says:

    I love watching the monster they created eat their own.

  4. Blue Gal Says:

    Best post I’ve read in a long time. Thanks.

  5. Scott Says:

    Larry, not only is he a carpetbagger to the district but he doesn’t know the first thing about it. When he met with the Watertown newspaper editorial board in order for them to ask him policy questions relating specifically to the district he couldn’t answer a SINGLE ONE! And then he complained that they should have given him the questions before he went to meeting.

    Unfortunately for him THEY DID GIVE HIM THE QUESTIONS IN ADVANCE! They had published the questions they intended to ask him in that days editorial page but he didn’t bother to fucking read them.

  6. Scott Says:

    Thanks Blue Gal! Coming from a world famous Crooks and Liars blogger such as yourself that’s high praise indeed.

  7. Blue Gal Says:

    It’s so good I hadda post a link at my place, ya bastid! :)

  8. Riksco Says:

    Excellent post.

  9. Tengrain Says:

    Blue Gal sent me –

    Well said, Scott. I think that this also goes to the heart of single-issue politics, and to some degree identity politics. I mean, earlier today I read Meghan’s post at the Daily Beast, and it was shocking in it’s unthinking wingnuttery – and she is passing for being a moderate GOPer. Yours is the better post, the better analysis.



  10. jim Says:

    On behalf of Canadialanders everywhere, fuck you for the gratuitous slam.

  11. JamesR Says:

    I had to laugh at your description of Canada: “…hard upon the border of that bastion of frozen tundra populated by commie, beer drinking wimps and the fucking French known as Canadialand…”
    Canada has legalized Gay marriage and they also have universal health care – and have had for forty+ years!

  12. Scott Says:

    Jim Squared — I guess the humor in this particular sentence was missed by you two. That or it was way too subtle.

    See, the congressional district right across the border is one of those really red districts. And see, as I say in the post, they’re about to elect a teabagging wingnut. So where the humor comes in is in describing Canada and Canadians in the same fashion that the brain dead clowns on OUR side of the border surely think of them in real life.

    Candialand Jim, I’ll let you off with a warning because you’ve actually got an excuse — you’re a Canadian and EVERYBODY knows that you guys don’t have the first fucking clue how humor actually works. Oh, and most of you are Commies too. Those of you who aren’t fucking French. Or drunks.

    But American Jim, you’re a regular reader here and have no excuse. You should know how my humor works by now and to think as you do that my slamming Canadians was meant as anything more than the satirizing of AMERICA AND AMERICANS and our fucked up provincial attitudes that I intended…. well, you need to sit in the dummy’s corner for a while son.

  13. ben Says:

    They are indeed going batshit crazy.

  14. JamesR Says:

    Hey Scott
    I’ll gladly sit in the dummy’s corner for a while because the satirical part went completely over my head. But it would be misleading of me to let you think that I am American when in fact I am a Canadian – from Québec to boot – but of Irish descent. French speaking, yes, but no french blood. That said, I think your blog is the perfect combination of hot men, porn and politics. I never miss a day and it is the only blog that consistently opens my eyes and brain to new ideas.

  15. Frank Says:

    What’s sad is that it looks like he’ll win. Plus, Repubs might take NJ (that’s really up in the air) and Virginia (pretty much a lock), and all of a sudden it’ll be “America hates Obama!” when really Corzine is an incompetent and the Virginia guy has run an awful, awful campaign from what I’ve heard.

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