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So today is the BF’s 31st birthday and if you can believe he seems to be dealing with this birthday even less graciously than he did the big Three Oh — and he dealt with that one very badly indeed.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that for the last three weeks I keep telling him that I can’t believe he’s 40 and that he doesn’t look a day over 38.

Or maybe its just that after spending the last eight years together he’s finally realizing what a clown I am and the prospect of even one more birthday spent listening to my bad jokes instills in him a desire to emulate the coyote with his foot stuck in the trap who chewed his own leg off in order to escape.

Anyway, I took him out to dinner last night at a place on Capitol Hill called Poppy and dinner was fucking DIVVVVOOOOOOON.

Poppy is the creation of James Beard winner Jerry Traunfeld, longtime executive chef at the world renowned Herb Farm in Woodinville, Washington.  Traunfeld is an innovator in the use fresh, home grown herbs and  spices and the food demonstrated his expertise to a fucking T.

I started with half shell Shigoku Oysters with juniper ice that were, quite simply, the finest oysters I’ve eaten in the last ten years.  And living here in the Pacific Northwest where good oysters are to be found quite literally at your feet when you venture into Puget Sound says quite a lot.

The were about half the length of my thumb but easily twice as fat and they came to the table resting in shells that were almost two inches deep.

Frankly, the juniper ice, as good as it was {and it was} was unnecessary because the oysters were so incredibly sweet.  But the cold from the ice and the delicate pine/juniper flavor gave a great finish to the sweet brine of the Shingokus.

For our main course we both had the non-vegetarian thali — which is an Indian inspired tasting platter for thirty two bucks that had the following on it:

Egg-lemon soup with asparagus and lovage

cress, pea sprout, radish, and mint salad

carrot-jalapeno salad

Crisp-skin Alaskan King Salmon w/ spring herb sauce

Tandoor-roasted pork tenderloin w/saffron-fennel and olives

Fiddle head ferns with garlic

Polenta diamond on spiced beet green

Yellow farro

Rhubarb pickle

Nigella naan

And I finished up with their Pyrat’s Booty ice cream:  home made praline ice cream surrounding a home baked praline topped with Pyrat Rum.  FUCKING GENIUS!

Here’s a pic of my main course before I tucked in and demolished it.



  1. hal Says:

    I did not handle 30 well either. I think it’s because for so much of your teens and twenties, 30 seems soooo OLD! Then you hit it and realize your just a short decade away from 40. At some point clerks stop asking you for I.D. when you buy alcohol and when people try and guess your age, they are either right on (no mistaking you for younger!), or go a few years old. “Oh, your 31? I thought you were maybe 35. Um, you look good!” Gee Thanks…

  2. j.dwight williamson Says:

    Scott, Be nice to your man, growing old is a skill. You and I have done it gracefullly.

  3. A Lewis Says:

    Happy Birthday!! Hey, have you guys been downtown to the restaurant below? The owner/chef was the “celebrity chef” on a cruise we took a while back…and then we had the chance to have dinner at his downtown Seattle restaurant after that. It’s delicious!


  4. Damien Says:

    Mazel Tov Richard.

  5. gwyneth cornrow Says:

    1. Your man has it good if he gets to grow old with you.
    2. That dinner looks tasty but I’m conflicted about the fusion-y presentation. What I like about your meal is that it uses what look like amazing local ingredients. I appreciate experimentation in food, but it sucks when chefs try to recreate things that they have no feeling for.

  6. tom Says:

    I turned 30 a couple of weeks ago – I love it! I enjoy the process of getting older and the greater sense of self that comes with it:)

  7. Larry Says:

    Richard, Happy Birthday. Thirties are fun, Forties are better. I’m halfway into my fifties and they are o.k. My partner is twice your age and still attracts young dudes like you are. The old cliche your only as old as you feel is true. Just stay fit and healthy and watch what happens, it will be fun.

  8. timinboston Says:

    Turned 30 last september and it wasn’t a big deal. There were moments of “oh my god” and a general feeling of “how did this happen” but it wasn’t a negative experience. Staring 31 in the face and I am actually much more upset. I am “into” my 30’s and still don’t know how it happened.

    Happy Birthday Richard!!


    PS: GO SOX.

  9. Sue Says:

    Felicitations Richard! My appetite is heightened by viewing that glorious meal! Zoound!

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