Hey little sister who's your Superman?


"What does the current Republican party stand for? Permanent war, fear, the nanny state, big spending, torture, execution on demand, complete paranoia regarding the media, control over your body, denial of evolution and outright rejection of science, AND OMG! THEY ARE GONNA MAKE US WEAR BURKHAS, all this while demanding that in order to be a good American I have to spend most of every damned day condemning half my fellow Americans as terrorist appeasers."

John Cole writing in Balloon Juice.  And this guy is a fucking lifelong conservative republican!! 

Cole is writing in response to yet another bit of pretentious wankery by David Brooks of the New York Times — wankery that is, to Brooks' credit, not as badly written or sourced as most of his usual dreck. 

In it Brooks tries to explain that the reason that modern conservatism is collapsing, and along with it the republican party, is because it has diverged from its "Burkean roots".  Cole takes issue with Brooks and posits a much simpler explanation as you can see above.

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