Hey little sister who's your Superman?


At least as a reader of filthy gay blogs like this one he did. 

I received a wacky email yesterday from Mr. Eric Dondero, a clown who claims to be a "Libertarian" and in response to my most recent Quote of the Day

Mr. Dondero, it seems, is a candidate for congress, running against incumbent congressman Ron Paul a republican presidential candidate.

On top of that Mr. Dondero is also, it would appear, a reader of Bill in Exile and which is, as any of you much loved regular readers of mine know, a semi-pornographic, LIBERAL blog written by an active member of Teh Gays!

Eric Dondero congressional candidate and apparently reader of semi-pornographic gay blogs like this one who is a true Texan in the mold of The Decider – that means he's ignorant and luvin' it. {And also luvin the dirty pictures of naked mens and their large weenies it would seem}

Mr. Dondero and a couple of readers and I initially exchanged some spirited comments in the comment section of The Quote of the Day that I mentioned and then I got this email {below} from Mr. Dondero, a Texan and a lunatic wingnut {is that redundant?} who just hates the idea of "His" tax dollars paying for any government provided services of any kind – unless of course they're services that Mr. Dondero wants or needs.

Here's his email to me complete with misspelled words and mangled syntax along with the email's footer promoting himself and his witless website:

"The most left wing America-hating [city] populated by the most miserable people on the planet, in the entire United States.

Seattle? Ewww. Yucky. Bigtime yucky.

Recently spent 6 weeks there, and it was the worst 6 weeks of my life. I thought, surely there were some friendly people in Seattle, but nope. The ugliest, most unfriendly people on the planet. And I've been to 25 different nations, and 49 out of 50 states.

(I've heard rumors that people in ShangHai, China, are realy ugly. But I can't imagine them ever matching the nastieness of Seattle-ites.)

Libertarian Republicans

Fiscally Conservative, Socially Tolerant & Pro-Defense!
For the latest libertarian political news http://www.mainstreamlibertarian.com/
Eric Dondero is a US Navy Veteran, former Libertarian Party National Committeeman, Founder of the Republican Liberty Caucus and fmr. Senior Aide to US Congressman Ron Paul R-TX.  He is now a national Republican Political Consultant based in Houston"

Anyway, Mr. Dondero clearly thinks that people like me from Seattle are icky "Ewww. Yucky. Bigtime yucky" and has no problem telling me just how awful we are here in the Pacific Northwest even though his statements in his email would seem to contradict his website's assertion that he is "SOCIALLY TOLERANT." 

Perhaps the fact that Eric is apparently a reader of this blog, which is clearly one that has lots of pictures of nekkid mens, frequently doing unspeakable things to each other's nether regions, might give some credence to his claim of tolerance, although I really doubt it.  I suspect it just means that candidate Dondero just likes looking at hard cocks.

It wasn't until after our comment and email exchanges that I did a little research on Mr. Dondero and discovered that he announced his candidacy for congress back in May with the express intention of challenging Ron Paul for his seat.

But my favorite part of his email and website {other than the part where he claims to speak 10-15 languages.  I guess he's not too sure how many he speaks} is where Eric says he was a "senior aid" to congressman and presidential candidate Paul. 

Congressman Paul says our little Eric was fired and is nothing more than a disgruntled former employee and congressman Paul has some very choice things to say about Eric, his former "senior aid".  The blog Last Free Voice also has an interesting bit on Eric and the comments about Eric from readers and Paul insiders in the comment section are priceless!

I think Mr. Dondero would do great as a republican congressman; he's obviously a brazen hypocrite and either too stupid to realize it or too selfish to give a fuck. 

Or both.

Pair that with the fact that he seems to be a reader of semi-pornographic gay blogs {he's obviously a reader of this one at least} and that sounds like congressman material to me!



  1. stu Says:

    omg!  what an idiot.  he totally outted himself.  at least as someone who likes looking a naked guys if not as a complete and utter homo.  i wonder if the paul campaign knows.

  2. Mike Says:

    Here's my question…. Does he read the Bill In Exile Blog sitting on the crapper next to Larry Craig in a public Rest Room?  Oh these crazy Republicans.

  3. randi s. Says:

    Clown is right.  And one who wants to commit political suicide by leaving comments on blogs like this.  As Bugs Bunny would say "What a maroon!"

  4. anon. Says:

    Holy Shit!  I can't believe he would be so stupid.  You're right Scott he'd make a great republican congressman.

  5. jockboy Says:

    oh course we really don't know that it's actually him. could just be using the name as a prank.

  6. Scott Says:

    Actually Jockboy we do know its him because I've had several email exchanges with him and they have all taken place at the email address listed for him on his website.

  7. jockboy Says:

    what a freakin idiot.

  8. Barry Campbell Says:

    Personally, I read Bill in Exile for the articles.

  9. Altoid Boy Says:

    what a freak! did you read any of his blog?  he's c.r.a.z.y.  and stupid.  as you said, perfect for the job of republican congressclown.

  10. Ron Armstrong Says:

    This dude has to be huge fucking closet case.  I mean who but a big girl would EVER say "ewww, yucky, bigtime yucky"? I've read stuff about him in the past and he's a total fucking whackjob and a racist.  Actual libertarians disavow having anything to do with him and even vehemently deny that he's a libertarian. Whatever the fuck that actually is.

  11. Dink Flamingo Says:

    You get 'em, Scott.  Rip his ass a new one like only you can do. 

  12. jimmy Says:

    I'm with Barry.  The writing is excellent.  Some of the PA's scare me.

  13. Dixie Chick Says:

    Texan =wingnut? Ouch! I understand the reason for that but there are many libruls here like my hero Molly Ivins. Texas is still almost 40% Democrat! We just cant win any dang elections due to some kind of contagious insanity spread by Rove & Bush & Co. There's a percentage of dangerous idiots everywhere. Somehow we ended up with more than our share. Hey, maybe you guys should thank us for harboring them so you don't have to! OK, I'm not holding my breath. I love Seattle. You guys are way cool!

  14. Scott Says:

    Dixie Chick I definitely harsh on Texas and Texans and for good reason but then I do so on my own home state of Kentucky and for equally very good reason; We're represented by both Mitch McConnell AND Jim Fucking Bunning in the senate!  So don't take it personally girl friend.

    And for the record I adored Molly Ivins.  She was a great Texan, a great American and an even greater human being. And long after George W. Bush is dead and forgotten people will read his Wikipedia entry and it will still refer to him as "shrub" a term Miss Molly coined. 

    My obit of her is here:


  15. G.E. Smith Says:

    I know Eric Dondero. He has a lot of shortcomings. But he is not anti-gay in any way. That's part of what the "socially tolerant" aspect of the so-called "Mainstream Libertarians" means. In fact, one of his problems with Ron Paul — whom I support, by the way — is what Dondero considers to be his homophobia. Eric Dondero is a lot of things. Homophobe is not one of them. I don't see where he's hypocritical on this particularly issue, if it is true that he is gay/bi.

  16. A Says:

    Mr. Dondero is nutty, and an embarassment to libertarians everywhere. I personally oppose forcing tax-payers to pay for me in any way.  Nobody should be forced to pay for my education, nobody should be forced to pay for my healthcare, nobody should be forced to pay for my housing, et cetera.  Nobody should be forced to pay for anything of mine, no matter how much I may or may not need it.  I'm pro-choice on everything.  Aggression (non-defensive force) is wrong, whether it's used against innocent Iraqis, or against free citizens seeking to be married, or to take money away from one's neighbours.  If Mr. Dondero supports using tax dollars to support services he likes, then he's as bad as most Democrats/Republicans.  And I know Mr. Dondero is pro-aggression when it comes to foreign policy.

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