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"President Bush discussing children's health care at a press conference is a little like John Wayne Gacy giving a seminar on proper party clown technique."

The Rude Pundit on Dubya's explanation for why he will veto a bill that extends health care coverage to 4 million children who are presently without it and whose families can't afford to pay for it.  A bill that will cost $34 billion over five years vs. the $12 billion A MONTH presently being spent as ego gratification for an insane president.

See, here's the deal: if you're a republicrook or so called libertarian who believes government programs are bad or that governenment simply doesn't work as well as the "Free Market" then it's better that four million children go without any healthcare whatsoever than to extend a government subsidy to their families thus guaranteeing their kids get some sort of coverage however basic.

In the world of today's republican/libertarian it's always better to let sick children get sicker or even die than to do something that might demonstrate that government can actually work for the people that it's intended to work for. 

I guess my only question is, if the government isn't going to be allowed to help those four million children then who or what in the almighty "Free Market" was planning on providing those kids healthcare?


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  1. mikr Says:

    uhh, no one and nothing, Scott. that's the point. if the children's parents are too poor and stupid to provide for them, then tough luck. let them pull themselves up by their bootstraps, the lazy good fer nuthin' kids. it's a dog-eat-dog world out there and a little rickets or leukemia makes a girl strong, if she beats it…

  2. Eric Dondero Says:

    It's called coercion.  By what right do you have to put a gun to my head, and force me to pay (subsidize) another's health care? I don't want any health care from the government.  I get my health care, nice and cheap and very efficient down in Mexico thank you.  You institute your stupid-ass socialized health care system count me out, thank you.  I will neither pay for it, nor participate in it, even if you try to force me too.

  3. Scott Says:

    OK Eric I'm sure everyone is just thrilled to know that with your voluntary opt out of public healthcare there's one less moron out there for us to subsidize and keep alive and healthy. 

    I guess the only questions I've got for you is do you never travel on public roads? Do you never use the toilet and thus the sewers?  Do you never drink water out of a tap?  If your house catches fire do you intend to refuse to call the fire department and if they show up anyway will you turn them away?  If someone  put a real live gun to your head and threatened to blow it the fuck off would you refuse to report it to the police?

    You're a poser Eric and nothing more.  You're one of the millions of right wing idiots who are too fucking cowardly to admit to being what you are so you call yourselves "libertarians". You want to deny services to the poor but are only too willing to use and abuse the services that are availed to you.  You view people in need as parasites and yet you and those of your ilk are only too willing to suck off the public tit when you need to or when its convenient. And were anyone to dare tell you that you didn't deserve to be able to travel on the public roads or expect protection from the police or fire department, service that we ALL pay for, you would scream like the simpering, whiney little bitch that you undoubtedly are.

    Thanks for playing Eric but you've got nothing worth contributing here.

  4. Eric Dondero Says:

    Many of those things you mention above could very easily be privatized and run much, much better than the government does. The government should do three things: Protect us from Islamo-Fascists and the Saddam Husseins of the world, which it currently is doing a very fine job at. Protect our borders. Protect us from criminals, including illegal aliens who cross our borders and commit crimes. Beyond that private enterprise does a much better job. Yes, you can make an argument for government continuings with Amtrak, the Post Office, National Monuments and Parks.  But beyond that, I don't see much need for government involvement in our lives.

  5. Eric Dondero Says:

    BTW, want an example of government run bridges and highways? Minneapolis bridge disaster. Florida in contrast, has recently been privatizing many highways and bridges, with great results.   

  6. tball Says:

    good for you scott.  its people like this eric asswipe who feel that a single penny of tax dollars spent on somebody else is a crime against humanity but who are only too happy to take everything that our taxes provide them.  i bet he drives a huge fucking suv like a hummer and we're expected to have out tax dollars pay for the damage to the environment that he does with his land yacht.  plus have you seen his website? omg! its histerical.  he claims to speak 15 languages fluently!!! he's from texas so i'm betting he doesn't even speak english fluently.  a poser is right!

  7. Steve Siegle Says:

    It's interesting to me that Eric the libertarian studiously ignores your final question in your post Scott while regurgitating all of the standard talking points that so called libertarians like to invoke as what a limited government should be responsible for.  The question was "if the government isn't going to be allowed to help those four million children then who or what in the almighty "Free Market" was planning on providing those kids health care?" The reason Eric the so called libertarian didn't answer that question is because the answer is "nobody and nothing will."  Those children will be allowed to go uncovered by health insurance and if they get sick and die thats survival of the fittest at work.  Thats what Eric the so called libertarian believes in but is too much of a pussy to admit.

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