Hey little sister who's your Superman?


Meet the newest rage from those wacky Dutch.  Bear Force 1, the world's first ever gay, bear, boy band.  I know, too much information right?

Give it a looksee but consider yourself warned; watching Bear Force 1 may cause severe chromosome damage and blindness. 

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17 Responses to “DEAR GOD – IT BURNS, IT BURNS!”

  1. Scott-O-Rama Says:

    You warned me, but nooooo… I like a fool had to go watch it for myself. I'm going to go sit in the corner and cry now.

  2. Ross Says:

    I feel embarrassed for the Dutch, the bears, and the entire gay community.  I'm totally anti-censorship, but this needs to be burned.

  3. bill Says:

    makes me long for the village people.

  4. Jake Says:

    WTF? I always said bears were just pussies in need of a shave. I'm sure this band will be a hit in San Francisco.

  5. Polt Says:

    well, the guy in yellow's not TOO bad.  The video's better with the sound muted though. HUGS…

  6. mark Says:

    this is a riot, the best thing to come out of holland since van gogh!, i mean you gotta to love it

  7. Ney Says:

    My God, you poor people.  Amongst the ravages that the last few years have wreaked on everyone, I think I can now add the murder of a new generation of queers' ability to appreciate irony.  Bear Force 1 is a classic.  Had a blast watching it.  Thanks, Scott.

  8. Scott Says:

    OK, Ney says that Bear Force 1 is meant to be ironic.  I for one, knowing both irony when I see it AND tragic homo preening when it slaps me in the face, say that Bear Force 1 is just one more pathetic example of queens taking themselves way to seriously.

    I mean, for God's sake Ney, thats what we fucking do!  We take ourselves way too seriously. Its our stock in trade.


  9. scory Says:

    Wow.  The Dutch really are the Americans of Europe.  And what's with the sample from "I Feel Love" in the middle of the song.  I'm pro-Giorgio Moroder, but damn, that's a lift.

  10. Alexander Says:

    LOVE it.  Stole it.

  11. unknown brother-in-law Says:

    It's hot… so HOT and you KNOW that you watched it at least 3 times today and made an MP3 out of it and listened to it while walking the poodles in your IZOD pink shirt and your Kenneth Cole shoes while sipping on a half-caf double shot orange mocha frappaccino, Scott. Wait… that was me…

  12. Ney Says:

    Well, you're proving yourself right, Scott.  If you think a roaring spoof like that is an example of tragedy, then, by all means, take the floor.  

  13. tony in amsterdam Says:

    sorry but scott is correct here.  these guys are not being ironic (unfortunately).  they performed this year at amsterdam pride here in the netherlands and took themselves much too seriously.  they are positioning themselves in the gay press here as serious musicians, are announcing tour dates shortly and are planning a cd release this year as well.

    don't you just love the pastel polo shirts though?

  14. wehotom Says:

    Ahhhhh!!!!!!!! I'm blind!  I'm blind!  Oh God, I'm blind!!!

  15. barryearle Says:

    I'm old enough to remember the birth of disco. It received criticism not unlike the comments above. Now we are (or some of us are) nostalgic for it. I don't care whether these guys are serious or not or up to the posters high standards or not. I think they're fun. And wet. And I like pastel. I hope they make enough money to replace the synthesizer with some real instruments. But other than that, they are a fun throw back to the late 60's, early 70's. In small doses, they'd get my foot (arthritic as it is) tapping.

  16. daniel Says:

    sampling donna summer and sabrina in the same song is enough for me we have in spain a name for those pople "osolocas"

  17. chris Says:

    LOL!… well.. i’m dutch and even if they where serious about it i’m still laughing my ass off. Okay i wouldn’t go to one of their concerts but still.. I can see the irony in it, even if they pretend not to. And who says where the americans of europe (different topic)?.. i’d sleep better if you all where a bit more dutch. Then we could all dance in some pastels.. haha

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