Hey little sister who's your Superman?


3 Responses to “YUM!”

  1. Queer Porn Nation Says:

    This guy is now Ken Sparks but was pornstar Jason Land a few years ago performing for Falcon.

  2. comms2006 Says:

    Scott, is this one of 'em hoople heads you guys talk so lovingly about?

  3. Scott Says:

    No Comms, this is just a very hot boy.  For a good example of hoople heads you can see them here http://www.billinexile.com/index.php?s=kentucky+windage in their native habitat and also here http://www.billinexile.com/?p=311 .  It should ge noted that our native species (Hooplus Headus Americanus) frequently is extremely hot in its own right but it can be differentiated from the non-hoople head by its affinity for firearms, chewing tobacco, pickup trucks (w/Confedarate flags hung from the rear window) and a propensity for having sex with its very close relations.

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