Hey little sister who's your Superman?


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Just had THE single most painful lunch with a heavyweight in the local banking industry.

It was me, Dad, and the banker — who happened to be African-American.

The lunch was going really well . . . until my father decided it was time to lecture the banker at great length and very loudly on how the local, wealthy white community can rescue the black community from itself (my sister Alison Smith knows EXACTLY what transpired, having seen our father give this very same lecture at a political fundraiser two weeks ago. But at least when he did it then it was given to a room full of like-minded white folks).

Dad thinks that everything that’s “wrong” with the black community can be fixed if only a bunch of wealthy white folks like him would just go into the African-American community and “adopt” some “at risk” black kids and thus divert them from the life of crime they most certainly will embark upon were it not for the help of the good hearted, rich white folks.

The first time he expounded upon this subject I told him that I found it deeply offensive on so many levels that I couldn’t even count them and that I would imagine most if not every African-American would too.

The poor banker — wanting our family business — smiled and nodded uncomfortably during the fifteen minutes that this lecture was being given. I elected to say nothing rather than put the banker on the spot and have to comment one way or another one the deep stupid that my father had elected to unleash. Afterward I said to my father that I’m sure the banker really appreciated Dad’s patronizing noblesse oblige.

It just goes to show — you can have a masters degree from Princeton and a law degree from Harvard and still be a clueless fucking redneck.


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Sleazy Euro-pr0n


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This has been in the works for a while.

Manatus (supposedly the local Native American name for Manhattan island) restaurant was right next door to 95 Christopher Street — the building in which I lived for 20 years — and for decades it was my go to place for delivery Greek diner food at all hours of the day and night.


Oliver Kamm introduced me to the joys of their challah French Toast with a side of their huge fucking sausages and a large chocolate shake delivered to our apartment on Sunday morning after getting in from a night of clubbing. At 4AM on a Sunday morning, after the bars and clubs closed, the place was a fucking freak show!

And their grilled chicken souvlaki deluxe with a side of fries was fabu bordering on transporting. Especially if you had been up for five or six days doing meth and really REALLY needed some good food and some calories.

In the week after 9/11, when the United States Army sealed off Manhattan below 14th street, Manatus was one of the only places open for business in my neighborhood — and we subsisted on their deliveries as we sat out on my terrace and watched The Pile burn at Ground Zero a half mile away

Those of us of a certain age will remember that prior to its incarnation as Manatus that location housed a sleazy/dirty (dirty as in not clean) gay, cowboy themed bar/restaurant called Clyde’s.

The ambiance and food at Clyde’s were terrible, but when it closed in the early 80s a bunch of the local fags called for a boycott of Manatus, claiming that its owners were opportunists taking advantage of deaths due to AIDS to dislocate what had been gay owned businesses.

The boycott never took and Manatus ended up with a huge gay and straight following that lasted for decades.

I guess a Calvin Klein store is supposed to go in there now.

I doubt the local gays will call for a boycott of that.


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